Relax. Rejuvenate. Rethink.

Local lore says adventurous pioneers fell in love with the Osage Hill’s woodlands, valleys, and sparkling ponds. Storied outlaws like Jesse James, Belle Starr, and the Dalton brothers are said to have found refuge in the area’s hills and caves.

Eventually the serenity of the gorgeous site caught the attention of the Catholic Diocese. In 1983, Our Lady of Osage Hills was built on part of the acreage as a retreat and summer camp.

Transition came in 1997 when The Williams Companies purchased the site. The facilities were expanded as a training and team development center for Williams’ employees and customers.

Private investors acquired the property in 2003 and named it POSTOAK Lodge & Retreat, as a nod to the Persimmon Ridge- the band of timber running from Kansas down to Texas, right through the property.

POSTOAK’s mission is to be a restful and revitalizing destination for all guests by providing a first class experience surrounded by the natural beauty of the Osage Hills.

Since 2013, there have been extensive upgrades and renovation. Come see Tulsa’s, and Oklahoma’s, most unique and desired destination that caters to all of your meeting, conference, retreat, reunion, or wedding needs!